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Responding to Retail, Foodservice & Institutional Demand


With 400 hectares of organic asparagus, IGF is the largest and only year-round organic asparagus farm in the world. 

Pack sizes include:

  • Pyramid 5 kg in 11 x 450 gr (USA & Europe)

  • Pyramid 5 kg in 10 x 500 gr with bag & with generic
    Euro wrap

  • Pyramid 5 kg in 12 x 420 gr with generic Euro wrap
    & without Euro wrap

  • Pyramid 5 kg in 14 x 350 gr without Euro wrap

  • Tray 3.4 kg in 8 x 420 gr with generic Euro wrap &
    without Euro wrap

  • Lunchbox 2.5 kg in 10 x 250 gr generic Euro wrap & without Euro wrap


Availability: Year-Round




IGF farms 250 hectares of organic Hass avocado. It offers a variety of pack sizes and options as well as customized branding for customers.


Pack sizes include:

  • 4 kg, sizes 10 to 24

  • 10 kg, sizes 26 to32

Availability: Year-Round

Contract Growing

IGF produces a variety of short-cycle crops to meet specific customer requests and fill particular windows in the market.



  Brussels Sprouts


  Mini Watermelons

Availability: Seasonal

Customized and eco-friendly branding options available for all items. New-to-market ecological options for branding to replace current rubber bands and tags - every material used will meet specific standards with respect to sustainability and organic behavior.


Favored climates, geographical location, and options for custom packing allow the company to offer customers meaningful scale throughout the calendar year and satisfy year-round supply requirements of major retailers and clients. Each Inka Gold Farms shipment is backed by exceptional food safety, quality control, logistics, and marketing.

Organic food: It's what our grandparents used to just call "food."

IGF is advancing options to be able to capture 80% of the organic frozen business in the next few years. Though organic demand is growing, there is no significant commercial frozen organic offering to foodservice or retail, especially in frozen organic asparagus.

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