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A Pioneer in Organic Asparagus Farming

With over 400 hectares in production, Inka Gold Farms is the first of its kind to offer year-round organic asparagus direct to retail and is transforming organics by:

  • Applying novel organic management techniques to a unique large-scale, high-yield and diversified organic farm.

  • Utilizing forward-looking technologies including regenerative and sustainable methods, biotechnology, and leading Organic Pest Management practices.

  • Combining innovation and science with experience
    and tradition.


Contract Organic Programs 


For a demanding retail customer base.


Investment in 250 hectares of organic Hass avocado and 400 hectares of organic asparagus.


Other short-cycle crops to cater to demand opportunities based on specific customer requests.


IGF’s commitment to innovation

Begins at seed selection, with varieties carefully chosen to augment agricultural and commercial synergies.


Meticulous field preparation and cultivation processes allow for healthy, high-density plants with some of the highest yields in the industry.


Investments in high tech irrigation infrastructure, processing and storage facilities, a full service lab, logistics, technology and people all support on-farm innovation.


Comprehensive traceability, an understanding and measurement of the dynamic relationship between agricultural inputs and visibility across the entire value chain affords IGF the ability to adapt quickly to

consumer and industry demands and to innovate faster than most farms.  


Vertical integration of farming, packing and distribution all maintain the integrity of the chain of custody and allow IGF to design custom organic vegetable assortments for our major retail customers - all grown, processed and packed at IGF’s facilities.


Why Peru?

IGF is located near Trujillo, Peru, which represents a model location of production for a variety of reasons:

  • an ideal and consistent climate lending itself to high quality, year-round harvests

  • established infrastructure and logistics to facilitate movement of goods

  • favorable topography

  • abundant supply of local, natural organic inputs

  • strong, free market economy with attractive economic outlook

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